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A New Day

Early January is often a time for new year’s resolutions–promises to lose weight, exercise more and eat healthier.

But ever since losing my best friend to a mountaineering accident when we were just 25, I have tried to live life to the fullest every day because she cannot. She was my running partner, a fellow food lover, a rower and so much more.

On December 30, my friend Dana called me to share some sad news: Christina Choi, the owner/chef of the late Eastlake restaurant Nettletown and the co-founder of Foraged and Found Edibles died December 28 at the age of 34. She had been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm just two weeks earlier. Although I did not know Christina–nor did I get chance to dine at Nettletown before it closed in August–I know she had a tremendous impact on Seattle as well as the Northwest food community.

Such a tragic loss is one more reminder that life is precious, and we should live it fully every day.

Here’s a story about Christina that ran in the Seattle Times and here’s a link to the blog, Honey from a Weed, that her family kept during her surgery and hospital stay.


Here We Go …

At the request of several friends, I have decided to start a blog.

So, welcome to Thyme with Sage, the blog of my catering and personal chef company, Sage Catering. In Thyme with Sage, I will share some of my favorite recipes (or those of my clients and friends), advice on food preparation, and information about events I’m catering.

I hope you will enjoy this blog and share it with your friends. Please feel free to ask questions, make recipe requests or suggest new features for the blog.