Here are just a few of the comments Tina has received from her clients:

Thank you for helping us enjoy family time. –C.M.

Thank you for making Boxing Day 2014 an event to remember.  I look forward to more of your talent in 2015. — E.A.

Many thanks for your patience!  It was a pleasure for all of us to be with you in the islands.  Thank you for all your talents and kindness. –J.R.

I just wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work and phenomenal food, which certainly made our party a hit! It’s obvious to me (and not surprising) after watching you “in action” that you have pursued your passions. I hope you were able to have some fun and relaxation during the party as well. Thank you again so much for everything! — C.

Thanks again for making such a delicious meal for us to share. The kids raved about the shrimp and the beef. Appreciate you braving the grill in the rain. — C.

I would love to hear your feedback on how it went  tonight. I was so pleased with everything. The  food was fantastic: Everything tasted so fresh and yummy. I think everyone loved the evening, and I am so grateful for your work and effort. My only disappointment was  that there weren’t any leftovers …. The food was so good, and after everyone left, we all thought we would gather and finish off the great food. Thanks for all you did. — L.

Many Thanks for a wonderful birthday dinner!
Bravo, S.

Thanks again for all your help.
Everything you prepared was fabulous and the food really created the inviting warm and special atmosphere for my party.   — E.

Thank you for the wonderful evening!
    XXOO, W.

Dinner was delicious — we all enjoyed the perfect fall menu.
Thank you, V.

Thanks again for all your help with my garden gathering.
The food was great (even as leftovers!) and really contributed to
the warm, relaxed atmosphere of the party. 
— E.

Around this family, it is hard to say what will happen! Thanks for coping with the changing guest list. I think of you on these cold mornings. Brr!!  — B.

We loved our beautiful luncheon — the salads were all magnificent! It was the perfect menu for Mary and all of her darling friends. Sorry about the mix-up on days. Thank you for making it all work so perfectly for us.
Best wishes, always — I am sure we will be talking soon! — J.

Thank you very much.
The food was great as it always is when prepared by you.
Your efforts made Boxing Day at my house great!

      Warmly, E.

Thank you! We loved the food! — A.

We loved working with you this summer. The dinner and service were just great — we look forward to working together again soon. — J.

The party was lovely — thanks to you!
The food was delicious and we so enjoyed getting acquainted and
working with you in our home. We look forward to many more events together.
— With appreciation, B. & J.

Many thanks for a wonderful dinner — we loved the chicken pot pie, potatoes and salad and biscuits! Look forward to working together again soon! — J.

Thank you so much for providing such delicious food and wonderful service. Our party was really fun as a result. — T.

Thank You! Everything was wonderful. The steak and polenta stuffed mushrooms were crowd pleasers. — W.

Many thanks for the fine food and help on Sunday evening.
You certainly came to our rescue — and I am sure it would have been better
for you to be at home in a tub soaking your tired body. It is a pleasure
to work with you. Have a great summer — we will talk soon.
Best wishes and our thanks — J.


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