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Cherry-Almond Scones

Scones (instagram)About a year ago, I purchased the cookbook Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining. After completing the Whole-30 challenge, I became intrigued by the Paleo diet and started reading more about it. While shopping at Whole Foods, I came across this book. It has great photos, as well as several recipes I wanted to try. One was a recipe for orange scones that look delicious.

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Cornbread (for Elsa)

September 2014 046

My friend Elsa has been pestering me to post a cornbread recipe that I have made for her several times. It was my husband’s birthday last month, and we were having a dozen or so people over and serving Mexican Braised Beef, so I thought cornbread would be perfect to serve with it. I had some added incentive as my husband also enjoys cornbread. Continue reading

Buttermilk Biscuits

biscuits - instagram

A few months ago, I catered an engagement party. As we were trying to come up with different menu ideas, the host asked if I had a good recipe for biscuits. Well, I do, and I’m sharing it with you here.  This is from the Baking Illustrated cookbook.

I recall making these years ago to accompany a charcuterie platter with assorted mustards. For the engagement party, however, we decided to turn the biscuits into mini ham sandwiches.  (See the photo near the end of this post.) Continue reading

Cheese Straws

Grand Canyon 020

Last month, I catered a dinner party for which my client and I were trying to think of simple appetizers. She is a huge fan of Ina Garten, and when she mentioned bread sticks, I knew we had to try this recipe out of Ina’s Barefoot In Paris cookbook. Continue reading

Best-Ever Bran Muffins

April-May 2014 086

I came across this recipe many years ago and recently had the opportunity to make it for a brunch I catered. This is by no means paleo or gluten-free, but it is a delicious muffin with a nice texture, full of healthy ingredients. Continue reading

Paleo Muffins

muffinA friend who takes my crossfit class and who is also trying the Whole9 challenge told me about a paleo muffin she had at a bakery in Sun Valley that she was hoping to replicate. She told me what was in it, and I googled “banana paleo muffiin” and found a recipe that came close. Continue reading

Luck o’ the Irish

Both of my parents are Irish and after talking about visiting Ireland for a number of years, I finally had a chance to do so five years ago.

After we returned, my mother-in-law gave my husband and me a book of Irish recipes that featured things we enjoyed during our two weeks spent exploring the island. Continue reading