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A Simple, Elegant Appetizer

November partie 2014 019

Sometimes it is the simple preparations that make the biggest impression on clients and guests, especially when you highlight fresh ingredients.

Last summer, I was catering an event for a French-American school family, and my clients requested this appetizer. Ever since then, I have tried to work it into menus for other clients. Continue reading


Stuffed Squash


Fall creations 037The first restaurant at which I worked in Seattle was Julia’s in Wallingford. I was in charge of creating dinner and lunch specials, and for the most part they were vegetarian or vegan.

Here is a recipe from that time that would be perfect for Thanksgiving, because it will serve a crowd of 12 as a side dish. If you’re serving a smaller crowd, however, it is simple enough to cut the recipe in half (or in thirds) to serve fewer diners. I recently served it as a side with my Turkey, Sweet Potato & Kale Loaf. Continue reading

Cherry-Almond Scones

Scones (instagram)About a year ago, I purchased the cookbook Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining. After completing the Whole-30 challenge, I became intrigued by the Paleo diet and started reading more about it. While shopping at Whole Foods, I came across this book. It has great photos, as well as several recipes I wanted to try. One was a recipe for orange scones that look delicious.

Continue reading

Beat the Heat

Cucumber buttermilk soupSummer is fading in Seattle, but the forecast still calls for some sunny days. A great way to cool off on days when the temperature rises above 80 degrees is with a fresh, chilled soup. Continue reading

Rainbow Carrot Slaw

March 2014 005

Here’s a great salad recipe that pairs well with the Thai Chicken Meatballs I posted earlier this week. Continue reading

Apple, Fennel, and Grapefruit Salad

fennel saladPeople often think salads must include lettuce, but this is a favorite of mine for plated events in the spring or fall.

At events, the salads are often placed on the table prior to the guests sitting down. Salads might sit for as long as 10 minutes before all of the guests arrive, and the beauty of using fennel and apples in this situation is that they do not wilt—or at least not to the extent that leaf lettuces do. Continue reading

A Healthy Spring Breakfast

Chard_breakfastAfter my 30-day Whole9 challenge ended in February, I took what I learned from the challenge and adapted my regular diet to include some elements of a paleo-type diet. I reintroduced dairy because I felt like I needed the calcium, for example, and added back chocolate, well, because I love hot chocolate. Continue reading

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins

paleo_pumpkin_muffin_2cropLast year, I posted a recipe for Pumpkin Muffins, and more recently I posted on for Paleo Muffins, but here’s another version that I really like. This is closer to the paleo recipe than the original pumpkin one, but it substitutes pumpkin for bananas in a paleo-friendly mix. Continue reading

Parsley Oil

parsley oil_cropRestaurants often decorate plates with sauces, purées, or oils to add color and zest to their preparations. But dressing up plates is not just for professional cooks, and it’s not just about looks. Although I am a professional, 90 percent of a meal’s appeal comes in its presentation, and anyone can make a meal look amazing.  It’s all about the details—and they do not need to be fancy.    Continue reading

Chive Butter

chive butter

This week I decided to share a couple of recipes for condiments that I included with my lamb chop menu that I posted for Easter. Continue reading