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No-Bake Cookies

No bake cookies

I have a number of friends who are gluten-free, in addition to a lot who practice a paleo-type diet. And so although many of my clients (and some of my friends) love the recipes I post for things such as coffee cake, scones, and cheese straws, I always feel challenged to come up with recipes to please my friends with special diets.

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Rainbow Carrot Slaw

March 2014 005

Here’s a great salad recipe that pairs well with the Thai Chicken Meatballs I posted earlier this week. Continue reading

Parsley Oil

parsley oil_cropRestaurants often decorate plates with sauces, purées, or oils to add color and zest to their preparations. But dressing up plates is not just for professional cooks, and it’s not just about looks. Although I am a professional, 90 percent of a meal’s appeal comes in its presentation, and anyone can make a meal look amazing.  It’s all about the details—and they do not need to be fancy.    Continue reading

Plantain Chips

chipsHere’s an easy (and healthy) alternative to fried tortilla chips that I like to serve as an appetizer. I had been buying plantain chips at Trader Joe’s until my recent Whole30 challenge, when I tried to make as much of the food I consumed as possible.

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Herbed Potato Salad

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, so here is a picnic/barbecue-worthy recipe to hopefully inspire you.

Potato salad is a staple for a lot of summer picnics, and many people think that means lots of mayonnaise, eggs, calories—and guilt.

Personally, I prefer the French style of potato salad, which is made with a vinaigrette instead of a heavy mayonnaise dressing. The advantages: There is less worry about food spoiling, and it’s better for you. Potatoes are a good source of vitamin C. Continue reading

Superfoods in a Salad

One of my clients likes to serve healthy food at all of her events. This is one of the salads we created together and that I recently served at a luncheon for her.

It is very simple and chock full of nutrient-rich foods (otherwise known as “superfoods”). Continue reading

A Winter Salad

I apologize for taking so long between posts. I was incredibly busy with parties and family events over the holidays, and the beginning of the new year has been a time for catching up on paperwork, my marathon training (I’ll tell you more about that later), and projects around the house.

But now that I’ve got a snow day–if you don’t live in Seattle, you probably can’t imagine what it’s like here whenever a few flakes fall–I’m catching up with some recipes and blog posts.

Here’s a salad that I prepared for one of my December parties Continue reading

When Life Gives You Lemons …

Here’s a much better use for lemons than lemonade, especially at this time of year.

I recently came across an article in the September issue of Sunset that gave instructions for how to make your own preserved lemons. Continue reading

Squash Season

squash_3As the weather turns colder, and I have to put on extra layers when we go rowing in the mornings, I’ve been thinking about fall: warm, comforting foods that suit this season and the produce that is now available at local farmers markets.

To create a menu for the blog, I recently prepared a Fall Feast for friends that included some of my favorite fall ingredients: pumpkin and other squashes, beans, pork, and braising greens. Here is the first of the recipes from that meal that I’ll share on the blog over the next few weeks. Continue reading

Get Your Pumpkin On

With halloween approaching, I thought it might be nice to include some pumpkin recipes on the blog.

My mother loves to cook and bake and she’s constantly trying out recipes and sharing them with me–or showing me recipes that she thinks I should share. (Unfortunately, she doesn’t own a computer, so she can’t follow my blog.) Mom has been making these muffins since I was a teenager. Continue reading