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Last-Minute Gift Ideas

December 2013 030
One of the challenges of working as a personal chef is that I am often so busy in the time leading up to the holidays that I barely have time to plan celebrating with—or purchasing gifts for—my own family and friends.

I can’t tell you what I’m doing for them this year (because many of them read this blog), but here are some ideas if you are still trying to come up with something for your friends and family. Continue reading


Prosciutto-Sweet Potato Bites

photo 1Are you entertaining this holiday season—or would you like to take a dish with you to any holiday parties? Here’s an appetizer to serve that combines the salty-savory taste of prosciutto with creamy sweet potatoes. Continue reading

Salumi Crisps


Last fall, one of my clients got the new Barefoot Contessa Cookbook (Barefoot Contessa Foolproof), and in looking through it we both were intrigued by Ina Garten’s recipe for carmelized bacon.

I borrowed the cookbook for the weekend, and because I had all of the ingredients at home, I tried the recipe—but I played with it a bit, of course.

Continue reading

Plantain Chips

chipsHere’s an easy (and healthy) alternative to fried tortilla chips that I like to serve as an appetizer. I had been buying plantain chips at Trader Joe’s until my recent Whole30 challenge, when I tried to make as much of the food I consumed as possible.

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Party Mix

A little while ago, out of the blue, I got this sweet email from the nanny of one of my clients: Continue reading

Halloween Treats

My mom found a rice-crispy pop at a store last year and gave it to me to replicate.  She, being a great cook and one who also likes to experiment with recipes, thought it looked simple enough to recreate.

They did turn out to be fairly easy. I started off making a basic batch of rice treats (here’s a link to the recipe for the Original Treats from Kellogg’s, to which I’ve made minor adjustments below), and waited for them to set. Once they were cool, I cut them into rectangles and started the fun part. Continue reading