Hello Kitty!

Just for fun, I thought I’d share a couple of photographs of the cakes I made last month for the fourth birthday of twin daughters of some good friends of mine.

The girls have have had cupcakes for their last three birthdays (I will post photos of past Sage creations on my Photos page) and for this birthday, they had many requests (many of which were animals they had seen at the zoo). Their mother is very good at having them choose an image for their cakes and then sticking with it. They were at our house playing with a Hello Kitty stuffed doll a little while before their birthday when they made their decision, and they even picked the colors they wanted. The gathering was small, with just family and a few friends, so I made one cake for each girl.

Here’s the cake I made for Caroline:

And here’s the one I made for Macie:

Note: each cake was only 6 inches across, so I was not encouraging them to eat too much sugar!

With 15 people at the birthday party, we still had leftovers for the parents to enjoy the next day. The cakes were classic yellow cake with a butter cream frosting.

Note: Apologies–and thanks–to the inspiration of the registered trademark Hello Kitty brand.


One response to “Hello Kitty!

  1. Macie and Caroline loved having their very own cakes and the designs were perfect! Their mom loved eating the left-overs in secret 🙂

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