2014: Time to Reset

Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and time for another Whole30 challenge. The “challenge” is a 30-day diet modification that cuts out the most common allergen foods that are regularly consumed in the United States—things like gluten, soy, and peanuts. It also helps alleviate the highs and lows produced by foods. What I mean by this is that your energy is consistent. People tend not to need a pick-me up in the afternoon while on the challenge. There are no sugar rushes from simple carbohydrate-heavy meals. I participated last year and found it to be a great way to remove processed foods from my diet as well as eat regular meals loaded with vegetables.

My husband and I started our 2014 challenge yesterday, along with a couple other people we know. If you want to join us, visit the Whole30 website to learn more about it. For a list of what you can eat, check out this shopping list from the Whole30 site.

For the next month, as we pursue this challenge, I will be posting new recipes and reposting recipes from the past year that are Whole30-compliant—as well as a few noncompliant recipes for friends who aren’t participating in the challenge.

Chard_breakfastHere is one of my favorite recipes from our 2013 Whole30 challenge: Spring Vegetable Hash and Poached Egg. Though I originally posted it as a breakfast meal, it is great any time of day—and it meets the Whole30 requirements.

Note from Tina: If I were eating the meal in the above photo, I would eat 2 to 3 eggs while on the Whole30 Challenge. One egg just photographed better.

Here’s to a great 2014!



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