Whole30 Menu Planning, Part II

IMG_1650To help with planning menus that fit the challenge, I decided to post four or five suggestions each Monday that give you almost a week’s worth of dinner options (especially if you make enough for leftovers).

Last year, when we were doing the challenge, my husband and I found it difficult to be social. This year we have a few friends also doing the challenge, so to make it fun, I have started having people over to our house. Some of our guests have actually not been on the Whole30 challenge, but they didn’t come away from the meal feeling they were deprived of anything.

I am currently on day 12 of the challenge. This point last year is when Jason and I start to yearn for more variety, and the same is true this year. Last night I made Turkey Chili (without the beans, of course) and served it with Plantain Chips and guacamole. (I’ll post the modified chili recipe next week.)

Moroccan Chicken (see photo above) is also a flavorful and satisfying entrée that is challenge compliant; I am considering making it for our next dinner guests.

Note: I’ve gone back into many of the recipes I’ve posted in the past and added information about how you can make them Whole30 compliant.


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