Breakfast Change of Pace

Scones and Meatlof 011If you follow this blog, you might have seen the most recent rendition of meatloaf that I posted in November: Turkey, Sweet Potato & Kale Loaf.  The recipe was adapted from a meatloaf I had when I was in Chicago.

While I thought the meatloaf was delicious, my husband will not eat kale. This left me with an entire loaf to consume by myself. Because it was so good, this was not really a hardship, but I did find myself trying to come up with creative ways to serve it.

One morning after a long run, I craved protein. Wishing I had sausage or something to eat with my eggs, I realized I had meatloaf. So I fried up a slice, sautéed some spinach, and braised an egg, and voila! A ridiculously good meal that could be served at any time of day. And for those of you currently following the Whole30 challenge, this is a meal for you.

NOTE:  The combination would be equally delicious with fried or poached eggs.


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