Wedding Cakes and More

AmandaEthan_0723 (1)Here is just a selection of some of the many cakes I have created over the past few years for friends and clients—who are often the same people!

If any of these inspire you, please let me know. I am primarily a personal chef, preparing a wide variety of meals for family meals and catered events, but I also love the creativity and detail work involved in baking and decorating beautiful cakes for special people and special occasions.

The above wedding cake was my most recent creation, made for Ethan and Amanda.

SeahawksThe cake above was created for a Superbowl XLVIII and Meryl’s birthday celebration.  GO SEAHAWKS!

HK2The two Hello Kitty cakes were made for two beautiful twin girls, Macie (above) and Caroline (below).HK1

This wedding cake (above) was for the wedding of my dear friends Andres and Elizabeth back in 2004.  Happy 10 years!


And I made this square, three-tiered cake for Jessica and Simon, whose wedding reception was held at Tulio (after they had a romantic wedding in Hawaii–too bad they did not fly me over to cater the reception there!).Jan-Feb 2015 127

Here is a look at a slice of one of my cakes.  This was made for a dear friend and he has had a pink cake for his birthday since he was a child.  A few of them have been made by me.  He was kind enough to take a photo for me this year.  He did a lovely job with the photography.


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