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Nibbles for Meat Lovers

I had some pre-sliced salami remaining from an event that I wanted to use, but I wasn’t sure how. We were going to a wine tasting at a friend’s house, where we would be tasting Italian wine—Dolcetto from the Piedmont region, to be precise—and that seemed like a perfect time to serve the salami, but how did I want to present it? Continue reading


Super Bowl Brisket

Here’s a great dish to prepare for an early February party–perhaps a Super Bowl gathering, February 5.

This recipe just takes a little planning but very little work. It will take two days total, so plan accordingly. Marinate the meat for 24 hours to get the best flavor, and allow 8 hours to cook the meat. The recipe calls for cooking it in the oven, but I am sure the brisket could be cooked on low in a slow cooker or crock pot for the same amount of time. (I don’t own one, so I’ve never tried it.) Continue reading

Fall Feast: Pork Tenderloin

I like pork tenderloin, especially in the fall. It’s versatile, takes seasoning well, is easy to prepare, and is just a good comfort food.

When I decided to prepare my October “fall feast,” I had a tenderloin in the freezer, and I needed something to serve with the rice-stuffed squash and gingered green beans, so I decided to make this dish. Continue reading

Meat-lovers’ Marinade

For years, I had been using one tried-and-true marinade for flank steak, but then I saw this recipe in The Junior League Centennial Cookbook. It sounded interesting, and I had all the ingredients, so I thought I would give it a try on some tri-tip for a dinner with good friends this past spring.

Since then, I have made it several times with the following modifications: The original recipe called for soy sauce, but I always use a low-sodium variety; and I have never tried it with the recipe’s suggested celery seed or dill, but I like adding green onions. Continue reading

My Favorite Marinade

My husband and I recently went to Montana with my father in law and our friend Carrie (who took the photograph above). I premade this marinade and froze the pork before we left Seattle. We transported them (separately) in the cooler for the drive, and I put the pork into the marinade a few days later. Then we left it in the refrigerator while we went fly fishing for a couple of hours. Continue reading