Seahawks Super Bowl Sunday

December-January 2014 184 December-January 2014 186

Here in the Northwest, we are excited for Sunday.

I have been a fan of the Seahawks from the team’s inception, so it is exciting they are heading back to the Super Bowl. It seems so surreal, however. My mom and I watched Jim Zorn and Steve Largent lead the Seahawks in the early years. Oddly, my dad and two brothers were never really into sports, while my mom and I would be yelling at the television and jumping up and down after exciting plays.

This year, I will be cooking for some dear clients Sunday morning and then heading back home to watch the game with friends—and Hudson, who you can see in the photos above is a dedicated fan too.

If you are planning a Super Bowl party of your own, here are some ideas for what to serve your guests:

Do you see a trend? I tried to suggest foods with Seahawk colors. 🙂

If you’ve got your team colors covered in other ways, I encourage you to browse the blog for other ideas, especially some of the appetizers that are always winners for me at catered events.


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