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Tina’s Salmon Patties

Fresh salmon is still plentiful in the Northwest, so I’m going to post a couple of recipes for salmon this week and next.

A friend of mine was recently talking about how much she liked the salmon patties they sell at Wild Salmon Seafood Market. I like them too, but I took that as a personal challenge to post my own recipe.

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Fresh Halibut Season

Here is a yummy way to serve halibut. I first made this for a wedding five years ago. It was requested by the bride and groom, who gave me the recipe (Thank you, Kristin and Eric!), and it is now a staple in my repertoire.

The couple brought in fresh halibut for me to grill for their wedding reception. Let me tell you, in all my years as a chef, I have had a lot of men ask me if I needed help grilling—but never as many as offered on that day. Thankfully they were all quite impressed by how the fish turned out—despite not having cooked it themselves. Continue reading

Sweet-Potato Salmon Cakes

You know spring is in the air when fresh-not-previously-frozen salmon starts showing up in the fish market. Just the other week, troll-caught king was available here in Seattle, so I knew it was time to have salmon for dinner. Continue reading

Tired of Turkey?

One of the first restaurants I visited in Portland, Oregon, when I was attending Western Culinary was Higgins.

There, I fell in love with Chilean sea bass–until I learned it was overfished; now I rarely eat it unless it is sustainably raised and harvested.

Here is a preparation for fish that is similar to how it was made at Higgins: simply seasoned, seared, and served over a bed of beans and vegetables. Continue reading