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Tenderloin Crostini

tenderloin bites 1Here’s a recipe sure to please the beef lovers in your circle of friends.

One of the most popular appetizers I serve is my Steak Bites with Salsa Verde. This holiday season, I was trying to figure out a way to modify it to make it more wintry.

While I was running with one of my buddies, Polly, she and I  were discussing the food she had recently had at a holiday party she attended. She was raving about steak served with blue cheese. And, if you were to ask my coworker Laura, she would tell you that I like to miniaturize everything.

So between Polly’s story and my natural inclination, I came up with individual bites of beef tenderloin served on a mini crostini topped with a horseradish mayonnaise and garnished with creamy blue cheese. Continue reading


Prosciutto-Sweet Potato Bites

photo 1Are you entertaining this holiday season—or would you like to take a dish with you to any holiday parties? Here’s an appetizer to serve that combines the salty-savory taste of prosciutto with creamy sweet potatoes. Continue reading

Pulled Pork Bites


I’m constantly trying to find fun, new, one- to two-bite appetizers that are easy to eat as finger food. The photo above was taken at an event I did this past winter. It is pulled pork on plantain chips, topped with tomatillo salsa and diced avocado.

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Salumi Crisps


Last fall, one of my clients got the new Barefoot Contessa Cookbook (Barefoot Contessa Foolproof), and in looking through it we both were intrigued by Ina Garten’s recipe for carmelized bacon.

I borrowed the cookbook for the weekend, and because I had all of the ingredients at home, I tried the recipe—but I played with it a bit, of course.

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Here’s an adaptation of a recipe I first made while studying at the Western
Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon. I recently made them for a school
fundraiser that I catered. Other items on the menu included charcuterie and
crudite platters and a selection of cheeses. Continue reading

Plantain Chips

chipsHere’s an easy (and healthy) alternative to fried tortilla chips that I like to serve as an appetizer. I had been buying plantain chips at Trader Joe’s until my recent Whole30 challenge, when I tried to make as much of the food I consumed as possible.

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A Seasonal Tart

As I was preparing dinner for friends recently, I was undecided about what to serve for appetizers, so I looked in my refrigerator and freezer to see what I had to work with.

I found the following: Home made frozen pie dough; Arugula Pesto (that I made back in March); and Swiss chard from my Full Circle delivery. Continue reading

Caprese Bites

The combination of tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto (or basil) is a popular appetizer that can be served in many different forms. I have served it as the traditional caprese salad, layering slices of tomato, fresh mozzarella, and basil leaves, drizzled with olive oil. And I have used a fresh basil sprig as a skewer and threaded it through small tomatoes and mini mozzarella balls.

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Nibbles for Meat Lovers

I had some pre-sliced salami remaining from an event that I wanted to use, but I wasn’t sure how. We were going to a wine tasting at a friend’s house, where we would be tasting Italian wine—Dolcetto from the Piedmont region, to be precise—and that seemed like a perfect time to serve the salami, but how did I want to present it? Continue reading

Party Mix

A little while ago, out of the blue, I got this sweet email from the nanny of one of my clients: Continue reading