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Vanilla Shortbread Cookies

Summer 2014 027

This is a great recipe and an item that should be a staple in your freezer. These cookies are delicate, flavorful, and easy to make.

I came across this recipe earlier this summer just before catering an event for about 50 people. Raspberry sorbet was on the menu, and I wanted a cookie to serve with it. Continue reading

No-Bake Cookies

No bake cookies

I have a number of friends who are gluten-free, in addition to a lot who practice a paleo-type diet. And so although many of my clients (and some of my friends) love the recipes I post for things such as coffee cake, scones, and cheese straws, I always feel challenged to come up with recipes to please my friends with special diets.

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Sour Cream Coffee Cake

April-May 2014 092 In early May I catered a baptism brunch. When deciding what to have on the menu, I went to some of my tried-and-true recipes, including this Sour Cream Coffee Cake. Continue reading

Chocolate-Chip Biscotti


April-May 2014 042This recipe, surprisingly, is gluten-free . . . Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Ruby!

RubyIf you follow this blog, you might have seen the doggie cupcakes I made a couple of years ago for Hudson’s birthday. Well, I thought it was time I tried my hand at dog biscuits. I did a quick search and found this recipe on Caesar Millan’s websiteContinue reading

Hap-Peep Easter

I confess I borrowed this recipe for Marshmallow “Peeps”® from Martha Stewart, and I have to agree with her that fresh, homemade marshmallows taste much better than the ones that come from a grocery store shelf, no matter what color (or how cute) they are. Continue reading

Chocolate Torte

Sedona, etc 027

I first made this recipe a few years when friends were joining us for a dinner at our home. I found it in Baking Illustrated. It was so good and easy to make ahead that I have used it at a few catered events since. This is a great recipe.

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