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Rhubarb Crisp

March 2015 018

Spring is here. In the Northwest, that means new produce is showing up in farmers markets and rhubarb is in season. A few of my clients have served this recently at dinner parties, so I thought it was a good recipe to share with you.   Continue reading


Meatballs with a Twist


Bourbon Julep, etc. Feb-Mar 2014 014Here’s a great recipe that offers a twist on traditional meatballs.

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Chocolate Torte

Sedona, etc 027

I first made this recipe a few years when friends were joining us for a dinner at our home. I found it in Baking Illustrated. It was so good and easy to make ahead that I have used it at a few catered events since. This is a great recipe.

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Chicken Croquettes

croquettes 4

My mom is an excellent cook and is always on the lookout for new recipes and ideas. When she saw this recipe in the Kitsap Sun in January of 2011, she immediately thought of me. Knowing I like healthy food, as do most of my clients, she thought I could put this idea to good use. It took me a few months before I actually tried it, but when I did, I knew it was a keeper.

This is a versatile recipe that can be made using various vegetables and proteins. The recipe listed below is only slightly adapted from the original, but sometime soon I plan to try it with butternut squash in place of the sweet potatoes and possibly with chopped pork. Continue reading

Breakfast on the Go

I recently made this recipe for one of my clients who always encourages me to try new things. She likes to participate in the cooking process so she can learn how to make things herself, and because she is concerned about her cholesterol, she asked me to help her come up with some high-protein breakfast alternatives that don’t include eggs or cheese.

These energy bars seemed like the perfect solution. Continue reading

Hot Weather: Cold Soup

Many people think of gazpacho as a red tomato-based soup, but I like this yellow tomato version, which I first found in the August/September 1997 issue of Fine Cooking magazine.

I recently served this at a mother-daughter luncheon, where the hostess was introducing her future daughter-in-law to friends and family. The party was for 25, so I doubled the recipe below and served the soup in bouillon cups. Continue reading