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Rainbow Carrot Slaw

March 2014 005

Here’s a great salad recipe that pairs well with the Thai Chicken Meatballs I posted earlier this week. Continue reading


Shaved Brussels Sprouts

cooking_brussels2A client of mine was telling me about a great meal they had while eating out. It included shaved Brussels sprouts. I decided to try to make a version of my own. One of my go-to vegetables in the fall and winter is roasted Brussels sprouts.

These take a bit more preparation and attention while cooking, but they are equally as delicious as their roasted counterpart.  Continue reading

Mushroom Tart

Mushroom_tart_croppedA client recently asked me to create a mushroom tart to serve with beef tenderloin for a dinner party, and this is what I came up with.

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A Nutty Side Dish

Emmer farro is an ancient heirloom grain. It looks similar to bulgur wheat or a wheat berry, and it has a nice nutty texture. I like to buy the Bluebird Grain Farms brand, which is grown in Washington state’s Methow Valley.

It makes a good side dish on its own, served as you would rice or wheat berries, but I like to dress it up more like a pilaf or salad.

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Going Retro

I was first introduced to this dish in the mid-2000s by a client who requested it for a dinner party. At first I was skeptical–as are most people who are unfamiliar with the dish, I’ve learned–but once I tried it, I was amazed at the flavor.

Without adding any additional liquid, the rice becomes tender simply by absorbing the moisture from the sweet onions. Continue reading

Stuffed Pumpkin with Wild Rice

As promised, here is the recipe for stuffed roast squash.

Although it looks cute in this photo, I usually cut it into quarters and serve it as a side dish. You could also choose to make smaller slices. It’s especially good with poultry or pork. Continue reading

Wild Rice Pilaf

Last fall, I was in the car listening to The Splendid Table on NPR when they started discussing whole stuffed and roasted squash.  I was inspired, and later that week I started to play around with the idea.

Not long after that, I made some for a dinner party I was catering. For our “fall feast” last month, I did another adaptation. The first step is to make the filling—which is the recipe I’m posting today. Continue reading