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Cake – Delicious and Gluten-free

I have mentioned this recipe to several celiac friends of mine. My mom found the original version in the Bon Appétit cookbook Taste of the World published in 1996—and I found a link to the recipe from a 1995 edition of Bon Appétit.

My mother enjoys trying new recipes, and this certainly was a winner. The original recipe calls for grated lemon peel, but I like to make it with orange zest. Most recently, I made this cake to finish off a Moroccan-themed dinner party. If you’re staying in for dinner instead of going out this evening, this is easy to make and makes a nice, light dessert, which also happens to be gluten-free. Continue reading


Sweets for Your Sweetheart

A client asked me to make some yummy pecan shortbread cookies for a cocktail party recently, and I knew just the recipe I was going to use as a starting point.

In December 2011, I made the Ginger Oat Cookies from The Grand Central Baking Book for another client and discovered the deliciousness of these shortbread cookies. Continue reading

Going Retro

I was first introduced to this dish in the mid-2000s by a client who requested it for a dinner party. At first I was skeptical–as are most people who are unfamiliar with the dish, I’ve learned–but once I tried it, I was amazed at the flavor.

Without adding any additional liquid, the rice becomes tender simply by absorbing the moisture from the sweet onions. Continue reading

Easy Being Green

This is one of my most popular recipes and several of my regular clients often request that I make it for them. It was one of my aunt’s favorites back in the 1960s, and it recently has seen a resurgence in popularity. Continue reading

A Winter Salad

I apologize for taking so long between posts. I was incredibly busy with parties and family events over the holidays, and the beginning of the new year has been a time for catching up on paperwork, my marathon training (I’ll tell you more about that later), and projects around the house.

But now that I’ve got a snow day–if you don’t live in Seattle, you probably can’t imagine what it’s like here whenever a few flakes fall–I’m catching up with some recipes and blog posts.

Here’s a salad that I prepared for one of my December parties Continue reading

New Year’s Brunch Strata

Last winter, when I had invited several friends over for brunch, I wanted to serve something that could be prepared ahead so I would have as much time as possible to spend with my guests. A strata–a layered, bread pudding-like dish made with bread and eggs–seemed like the perfect solution.

If you’ve got guests coming over for New Year’s Day–or just want to be able to enjoy as much time as possible with your family–I recommend making this dish. Continue reading

Ring in the New Year

Our house in Seattle sits on a hill that overlooks downtown, so we often have friends over on New Year’s Eve to watch the fireworks that are set off at midnight from the top of the Space Needle.

Here’s an appetizer I plan to serve to my guests. It’s a relatively easy recipe to follow, so you can make it for your party guests too—or take with you if you are invited to a friend’s house for the celebration. Continue reading

Seasonal Green Salad

This is one of my favorite salads for this time of year. It features seasonal ingredients (pears and pomegranate seeds), as well as blue cheese, and it looks wonderfully festive in the bowl and on the plates. Continue reading

Simple Roast Chicken

I feel funny calling this a “recipe” because it is so simple. I often make this on a weekend when I’m spending the day outside gardening or working on indoor projects. It also makes great leftovers for the week ahead: I use it in sandwiches and wraps or on top of salads. Continue reading

Clean out the Fridge Soup

I was about to go pick up my Full Circle organic produce delivery the other day, but I still had some produce from the previous box that needed to be used. Also, my friend was coming over for dinner with her girls, so I needed to make something right away.

I looked in the fridge and saw the 2-pound bag of carrots and some fresh ginger root that needed to be used, and I knew right away what I was going to make. I call it “Clean out the Fridge Soup” for this blog post, but it is more accurately Carrot Ginger Soup. Continue reading